Wednesday, March 10, 2010

cold, Cold, COld, COLd, COLD

I can't believe how cold and windy it has been here. I think there was even one day where the temperature never got over 70. Dark low clouds and gusty, squally patches of rain. Sure will be glad to see summer. On the other hand, I was not able to get much sympathy from Donna (at US Sailing) who looked out her window and reported 40 deg. (and snowing).

Since the engine work has been completed we've moved on to the galley and the stove and propane system. Ric has topped off the propane and replaced the hose from the tank to the regulator. (A second complete regulator and hose assembly is in the spares.) The propane locker needed to be cleaned and some of the fittings were badly rusted, so they were cleaned up and given a coat of zinc paint. Now it's beautiful and ready to go. The stove maintenance is a bigger project. In the past the stove sometimes would jam when it would swing on its gimbals. Because of its weight and the tight fit it was really hard to get it out so we could work on it. I'm servicing the aluminum mounting flanges and I used a router to remove some of the wood trim where it was sticking. I hope that solves the problem.

A little "sticker shock" yesterday when I dropped about a "boat buck" at Liferaft & Marine Safety Equipment Inc. For that I got a re-certified MoM, some new flares and two new fire extinguishers with (much) better brackets.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder on the climate conditions on Hawaii. It is 25-30F in Germany, with the snow mostly gone, but new snow on the horizon. It has been unusually cold down to below 0F, and for an unusually long time.

    If this is Global Warming, I am also against it!