Friday, March 19, 2010

The Survey is Behind Us

The Insurance Survey went pretty smoothly. The same surveyor as 4 years ago, so the long winded recitation of the boats condition and equipment is nearly identical. The surveyor checked the usual suspects but really wanted to see how well we had fixed the discrepancies he found the last time. I think we passed that one with flying colors.

Even some of the problems noted are similar (not identical) to ones from before. The biggest pain is probably going to be some repair work on the mast boots for the upper spreaders. (The stainless steel bracket that holds the mast end of the spreader in the correct position.) They will have to be removed and repaired (or replaced) and that means letting the spreaders slack and probably half a dozen trips up the mast. The repairs (or fabrication) will have to be done in a professional metalwork shop. ( All it takes is Money and Time.)

There are a couple other problems up the mast but I'm going to get depressed if I continue along this line, so enough! There aren't really any pressing problems so I'm going sailing Sunday. Blow the dust off the boat.

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