Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No Mast Today

Not going up the mast today. Gusts to 50 predicted.

But that was not really the problem. I was still waiting for parts. Finally, after a couple hours messing around (partly with bringing PFDs up to date) I decided to head for Maupunapuna and Hawaii Nut and Bolt to pick up some hardware that I was going to need. Nylock nuts, stainless cotter pins, etc. And, as I had hoped, I got a call, while I was there, telling me that the fabrication and repair work was done. (Photo tomorrow.)

Boy, talk about Murphy's Law. I had just bought new stainless Nylock nuts for the U bolts that were being fabricated. Just for fun I tried out the new nuts while sitting in the parking lot at Moo's Machine Works. They almost fit but not quite. Moo (himself) was strolling by and asked me if there was a problem. I showed him what was bothering me. With a big smile he explained that, as a special favor to me, he had cut Imperial threads rather than metric. That way, he explained, the nuts I needed would be easier to find and less expensive. What a great guy!

I might have discovered the problem back at the boat or worse up the mast. Any way, back to Hawaii Nut & Bolt to swap the four nuts for ones with English threads. (Actually, Moo was right, the new nuts were $14 cheaper than the metric ones.)

Back at the harbor waves were breaking against the breakwater and there was spray in the air everywhere. Down below it was nice and cozy. So, I found inside stuff to do. You could almost ignore the wind except that every 5 minutes or so a gust would jerk the boat and I'd have to grab something to keep my balance.

That's it for today. Hope to start putting things back together tomorrow. Depends on the weather.

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