Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Round the Bend

The day started out pretty much as usual with a lot of overcast and blustery conditions. This time, instead of rain, we had mist, fog, vog, whatever. Anywhere you looked the view just faded into grey.

I have been leaving the main hatch (under the doger) completely open when I'm away from the boat and there is a fan running below. The intention is to blow out some of the stink. It seems to be working.

In fact, miracle of miracles, I spent most of today cleaning the boat rather than making it dirty. (Which is the essence of what we have been doing most days for the last month or so.) It doesn't feel right to not be making a mess. I also didn't break anything, or injure myself in any way. An altogether fine day. Even changed the engine oil and washed the dirty dishes.

In case you are starting to get worried that I will run out of things to do, and start getting into (idle hands) trouble, you can console yourself with the fact that an Insurance Survey is scheduled for Friday. Surveyors have a code of conduct that requires them to find fault or risk being shunned by their colleagues. So, the results of the survey will probably keep us busy for awhile.

I also ran a SWR check (That's Standing Wave Ratio for the nerds in the audience.) on the VHF radio. It failed. Probably needs a new antenna. Also, it looks like the screen on the GPS is failing. Probably time for a new one. (Now there is a  project: providing power, mounting, connection to autopilot and computer, mounting antenna, etc.)

Oh yes. A glance at the latest update of the ToDo List confirms that there is no real danger of running out of things to do.

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