Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We're really ready.

Cirrus is set to go. Until we notice that we forgot something, or we break something all that is between us and California is a little provisioning and a pleasant sail. In that connection, it sure is nice that Ulli is showing us how the routing might go if we were starting out today. These charts will be more and more relevant as the actual departure approaches. For now, just interesting and fun.

Last Sunday Ric, Caroline, Graeme (a visitor from New Zealand) and I went out into the ocean a couple miles and did some (bumpy) spinnaker pole drills. It's dampish on the foredeck when she puts her bow under. Then we used one of the poles with the jib on the run back in. Nice day. Since it is "Testing Systems" time I'm thinking of making dinner on the boat sometime soon just to see if all the galley gear is functioning. Anyone want to join me? An overnight at the Sandbar (or Molokai'i) would be even cooler.

Big moon tomorrow night and then one in late May. Looks like both the delivery and race are going to be no moon events. I like the moon for driving at night, but the stars sure are beautiful without it. Also we will miss out on the traditional event where some newbe standing a watch at night gets panicked by Venus rising behind the boat in the morning because it looks like an approaching freighter. Only an evening object this year. (And going down not coming up.)

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  1. Oh, no Venus? I was about to look this up when the answer appeared on the blog ;-)
    But no moon is strange. Wasn't it part of the Pacific Cup "guidelines" to have full moon for most of the race?