Monday, May 3, 2010

Day at a Time

Makani Kai Marina in the morning. What a quiet grey windless weekend.

Ric, Kate and I took advantage of the dead air to get the main back up. Then spent the remainder of the morning on spinnaker drills (at the dock). It took us about an hour to get one up. This will, presumably, improve with practice.

Then on Sunday it was just me and Kate watching the rain come down and chatting about the delivery. You know, what books to bring along, what DVDs for movies during happy hour in the evenings. Games to fill the time were also discussed, like Scrabble, Chess, Trivial Pursuit, various card games, etc. Much heated discussion. Food was also discussed at length. We were not able to come to agreement about the necessity of having the food catered in order to take the load off the crew who already have their hands full standing watches attending to personal hygiene and posing for blog pictures.We would appreciate the views of the viewing audience on these important topics.

The first picture sort of reminded me of the second one. One of my favorites and one that Nabikov claimed was hanging in every German home. Anyone know the name of the painting and the name of the painter? Speaking of "objets d'art" I recently saw a picture of a hawk that reminded me of something similar by the Swedish artist Milles. Well, maybe not really "similar". Maybe more like "suggestive".  Or, if you really want to be fussy, how about, "is reminiscent of".

Good fun.

Coming back to the boat discussion, I've been thinking about doing some cooking aboard, just to be sure everything is working ok. Maybe this week. Next weekend would be a good time for an overnight sail somewhere. Maybe to the Ali Wai and back.

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  1. Which picture is hanging where???