Wednesday, May 12, 2010

THREE...3...III... (Weeks to go that is!)

We passed our Pacific Cup inspection with flying colors this morning. Clark Fremgen (Former KYC Commodore) did the honors.  He did a careful job and didn't skip over anything, but (as is not unusual for Cirrus) every time the race requirements called for something, we actually had three.

Now that the pressure of preparing is off I don't know what to do with myself. There is still a lot to do on the ToDo list, but somehow it does not seem as urgent. Maybe I'll go see a movie. Iron Man 2 maybe. I want to celebrate somehow, but everyone I know is working or otherwise occupied.
  • I was away for a couple hours. Now I'm back. Went to see IM2. He creates a new element (and saves the world) sort of like I did before I retired. Loved every minute.
    Another recent small improvement is a cover for the new engine control console. I tried to get Min Plastic to make me one but was shocked by the price. Did it myself. Panel still needs some wiring work. Bought some parts. Thinking about it.

    Inspired by Ulli's wonderful routing link (to the right) I put the computer aboard and have been messing around with it a little. The Nav Sta is looking a little crowded with the computer, printer and new GPS. Which reminds me that I gave away my beautiful (selbstgemacht) plastic holder for the satellite telephone so we will probably need to make something new when Chris gets here for the delivery.


    1. Congratulations! Ulli
      P.S. Didn't expect otherwise

    2. Terrific!
      I was thinking about it yesterday, as I was slaving behind my desk. -Kate