Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Sail

Photo serves to introduce Kate Schalk who replaced  Tina on the delivery crew when Tina had to drop out for personal reasons. Kate has ocean kayaked just about everywhere around Oahu (as well as actually around Oahu), goes hiking, camping, trail biking. She is a great addition to our Cirrus community this summer.

We tried to set out together Saturday to sail to the Ala Wai for an overnight, expecting to return on Sunday, but it didn't work out. I made the mistake of not putting a couple reefs in at the dock. So, when I tried to hoist the main out in the open ocean the halyard got tangled on the spreader, the seas were 6-8 feet, wind over 20 and gusty. It was a mess. After we turned back to sort things out it was getting too late in the day to start out.

We  gave it another shot Sunday morning with Rick's help. Actually, Kate's partner Mick also joined us for a buttermilk pancake breakfast at the dock that Kate decided to make. She just wanted to get a feel for cooking on the boat. Great way to start the day.

Then we set out for Makapu'u in about 20 knot winds and really bumpy seas. I didn't want to make too long a day of it so we  turned around over by Kailua around 1300. We came home like a rocket, surfing most of the way. So, all in all, a great weekend even if we didn't make it to the Ala Wai.

By the way don't forget to check out Ulli's routing plots for today. He is predicting a 12 day delivery time!

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