Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Here's Where We're Going

Ulli's wondrous routing fantasy has filled us with unrealistic expectations. But, on the other hand, "Why Not."

Photo shows some of the Farallon Islands that are normally the first land we see on the San Francisco arrival. Always a welcome sight.

I was dreaming about 12 day deliveries the other day when Donna brought me down to earth by reminding me that we had to start out out three separate times on the TP2007 delivery, and that already made us a week late.  Then we had engine fuel filter problems, etc.

Her instructions for this year are "Don't do that." She is leaving shortly after our departure and will not be here to bail us out if there is a problem.

This group photo from 2004 shows a group getting ready to set out. They look pretty happy considering they are going to be cold and wet for the next 3-4 days.

The next group has even more reason for cheer having put the entire Pacific Ocean behind them. That picture looks like 1998 and would have been Cirrus' first crossing. The picture after that was the most recent race in 2008. So many memories. And I guess we will pile up a few more this summer.

I wonder what the drama will be. We have wrapped the spinnaker, broken shrouds, broken the gooseneck, the boom and the boombrake. So it has to be something new this time.

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