Sunday, July 4, 2010

The masthead "tricolor" navigation lights

As Ulli mentioned, Bill recently repaired the masthead navigation lights. These lights were not operative during the delivery in June. As a result, we had to use the deck-level lights, red and green at the bow, and white at the stern. I can tell you from personal experience that the white stern light throws a lot of bright white light all over the back of the boat and into the cockpit. This dramatically reduces your night vision and makes it very difficult to see outside of the boat at night. So it's a huge improvement to have the mast head light available for the race as now the deck level-lights will not need to be used. Once again, I have to commend Bill for his amazing perseverance; it took him many hours, and many trips up the mast, to get this problem solved. And I know that the entire crew will very much appreciate his efforts. ~~Chris

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  1. So, now that you have had a few night watches to evaluate the new tricolor setup, what's the verdict?