Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Crew Member Mark Denzer

 Mark is the one on the right (I think).

This is sort of a loose Resume since (for example) he neglects to mention that he has previously crewed in a Pacific Cup race on a Division winning boat "Ghost".

Interisland racing and cruising on family boats since  teenage years back in the 70’s
Crewed to Australia from Hawaii in 1976

Have owned several offshore boats, and raced and cruised them around Hawaii
-Pacific Seacraft 25, Zaraga
-Beneteau 29, Bon Temps
-J24, Mei Lan
-Sonoma 30, Cowabunga!!

Lots of dinghy racing experience on Lasers and El Toros
Participated in most of the offshore races around Hawaii from time to time.
Kaneohe Yacht Club Treasurer and Board of Directors member, 2002 to 2005
Offshore and Inshore racing Fleet Captain on various occasions

Sailed a modified El Toro around Oahu in 2008 as a commemoration for my Late Father and as a fundraiser for the National Parkinson’s Foundation


  1. Rick and Maria LuciaJuly 2, 2010 at 6:41 AM

    Welcome Mark! Your experience and great personality are a great addition to our crew.

  2. Awesome catch! I can say - having been on that Pacific Cup race with Mark and Lou and Kim Ickler - that you have a fantastic crew member in Mark!
    Silas in Los Alamos

  3. Wow. Denzer. How'd you score him? He must be between races on the pro circuit? You know I sailed against him once. He cleaned my clock (you will understand this in a minute) and he is REALLY intense. One example: a buddy of mine worked foredeck on a boat with Denzer - the dude had a dedicated bunk - AND he brings his own plaque that read: Denzer's Bunk. No kidding. Also, he didn't bring his own sunblock (which makes sense since the pro crews get it supplied) Anyway, my buddy offered him some Maui Waui SPF 30, banana - and the dude FREAKED - said he *only* wears pina colada scents. I have also heard he has some weird dietary requirements - something like no canned fish, 40gm of fiber per day - ONLY in the form of fresh fruit and vegetables, meals HAD to be heated to 84F minimum 116F max. Last of all, and this is from my pal - he would not let any one call him Mark, or even Denzer. When he has his "race face" on, he INSISTS on being called Denzer the Clock Cleanser. No sh*t. All this aside, you WILL have a great race with him. He is a rock star.

  4. Let's all guess who wrote the previous comment.

  5. Thanks for the generous comments, with deepest gratitude for keeping all the actual facts in strict confidence, but yes, Pina Colada is a personal favorite.