Friday, June 18, 2010

Cirrus Greeting Party

On hand to greet the crew of Cirrus were Agnes Doutre, Uta Swiatecki, Sam Kim, Randy Riddle, and Randy and Kathy’s son, Levan, and Tina Crabtree (from the Cirrus delivery crew of 2008). Cirrus arrived at 6:00 pm and we all went to the Yacht club for a welcome celebration. Once we got there, there was a lineup (literally, a lineup!) of people who wanted to welcome and congratulate Bill for his crossing.

We passed the computer around so everyone on the crew could send their own greeting. Here they are:

Bill: Bill’s so glad that he decided to do this again. He’s really glad to be here in Richmond. More later when he has more time.

Kate: I’ve never been so happy to finish a “sail”!

Kathy: A Corona has never tasted so good.

Chris (Left him until last because he’s been hogging the blogging throughout the trip) I’d like to thank my agent; no, my crew-mates, for making this the voyage of a lifetime.

We’ll provide details of the welcome party when we have more time to type.


[update by Ulli: Don't miss the slideshow by Randy ! Everyone is back smiling and no damage to the boat at all!]

[update 2 by Ulli: More pictures, this time from Dave]


  1. Rick and Maria LuciaJune 18, 2010 at 8:53 PM

    Congratulations Crew of Cirrus! Its great to hear that you arrived safe and sound.

    See you soon, Rick and Maria Lucia

  2. Congrats on a(nother) safe delivery dad. Can't wait to hear more about all of the adventures.

    And to Ulli, thanks for all that you do to help with navigation and so so much more. I think the new blog look is fantastic!

  3. You should be able to view a few arrival photos at this link:

  4. Several thoughts --
    Bill is an amazing skipper and anyone who has sailed with him knows this! The outcome was never in doubt but I am so happy they are safely in Richmond.
    Seems very odd to see Cirrus arriving in daylight!
    Seems very odd to see SF Bay clear, calm, and sunny...what a kind relief for the crew and for being able to tie up calmly.
    And THANK YOU RANDY RIDDLE for the wonderful slide show...great pictures.
    Congratulations and hurry safely home. Ready for another "first in division" celebration.

  5. "The outcome was never in doubt" - I second to that,