Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Position Report

TIME: 2010/06/16 16:39 (09:39 PDT)
LATITUDE: 37-15.91N
LONGITUDE: 128-54.51W
SPEED: 5.0

Kate is responding to the seasickness remedy; she was feeling pretty lousy, but is getting better now.

Dave, our sat phone is not reliable; could you please contact Sector at 415-399-3524. Give them our position and say it's a PAN-PAN; Engine out, dead batteries, no autopilot, no radio except handheld, sailing OK;' ETA SF 60 hours; One crew is sick but seems to be recovering.

4 Pob; we have an epirb if it comes to that; we're ok for now.



  1. Hang in there guys you're ALMOST home!! Pat

  2. I guess the SF weather at the end was to be expected, but I feel for all of you! (Been there, done that) You are all excellent sailors so I know you can sail into the dock. Have a well-deserved celebration!
    Looking forward to the final installment when everything is connected again.