Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We're Away!

Just before 10:00 am Hawaii Time, a small group gathered at the dock for our send off. It was really nice in spite of the light rain. It was especially nice for me to see Nancy Piper after all these years since we sailed together in Cirrus. Ti leaves were affixed fore and aft by Bill, and Donna installed a ti leaf lei on the forward pulpit. After Chaplain Bill did the blessing, it was hugs all around and everyone said goodbye (except Rick, who secretly wants to come with us). Then we went below to stash the dry ice that Donna had brought. It was a joy to behold Kathy and Kate as they ran down their checklists and placed layers of dry ice and food in the ice locker in reverse order of its intended consumption. Finally we said goodbye to Rick as he cast off our lines and we motored away. As I write this, we are passing Chinaman's hat in the Kaneohe Bay shipping channel. We have eaten the turkey sandwiches (Thank you Kim!) and it's now only 2071 nautical miles to the Golden Gate Bridge. It's already getting bumpy and the wind is quite light. Time to go on deck for some fresh air. ~~Chris
At 6/1/2010 7:05 PM (utc) our position was 21°25.13'N 157°47.41'W

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  1. Best of luck to Cirrus and Crew! I know there will be great fun, lots of laughs and no doubt many special memories in the making ahead for all of you. Warmest aloha, Nancy

  2. Aloha from your distant crew-mate Christin! As we say in German: "Immer eine hand-breit Wasser unter'm Kiel" ("always a hands-width water beneath your keel", which should not be a problem!). Wishing you all the best, fair winds, a sturdy stomach, lots of fun eating those terrific meals (after the sealegs kicked in), lots of wonderful sea life, terrific starlit skies, and that the Klabauterman did not make it on board! Christin

  3. At last! Now the real fun begins. I look forward to checking in every day to see your progress. And I look forward to greeting you in Point Richmond!

    LYMI, Cirrus.