Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hanging in there

TIME: 2010/06/15 21:09UTC (That's 2:10 pm PDT)
LATITUDE: 37-15.21N
LONGITUDE: 130-53.70W
SPEED: 6.8
402 miles to go to the Golden Gate

The main challenge with losing the motor is losing the battery-powered autopilot. So now we are hand-steering. That means four-hours on deck, four hours off, two people on deck at a time. Each person takes 30 minutes at the helm, exposed to the 25 knot winds, and the cold, and the spray, while the other person hunkers under the dodger trying to warm up for 30 minutes. Then they switch.

If we can maintain our 5.5 average, we'll be at the GG in three days. Then two hours to KKMI, our probably new destination.

I presume the first order of business, after one glass of something, will be hot showers and dry clothes at RYC. See you soon. ~~Chris

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