Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 8 - Long Johns

OK, last night we crossed into the arctic latitudes; the air temperatures dropped from the 70's and 80's into the 60's. As you can see from the photo, Kathy is in full foulies this morning; quite a contrast to the "showers" picture. As she says, "Ah, typical summer [San Francisco] bay weather!" I would add, "Except it's not blowing 30!" Rick mentioned that there are no pictures of me in the blog, so here's a picture of me. There are two significant items in this picture. First, the fan blades are stationary. Until last night, this fan ran almost continuously from the moment we went aboard in Makani Kai. Second, I'm wearing a shirt while below. Again, a first since we left Hawaii. Tomorrow, we'll probably be wearing our parkas to bed.

At 0645, Hawaii Time, we were at latitude N33-01.414, longitude W148-51.219, on a course of 045M, sailing at a speed of about 4 knots, with our GPS showing 1320 miles to go. We are hoping to see more wind later today or tomorrow. We still have plenty of coffee, so all is well. BTW, the sea temperature has dropped a lot too. On "showers" day, it was 76, today it is 66! Brrr!

BTW, BTW, we have sighted three ships since leaving Hawaii, all of them we pretty big cargo container ships, all steaming at 20+ knots. Bill spoke to two of them on the VHF. One guy was Japanese, and had an extremely thick accent, but spoke to Bill in excellent English. Then he disappeared over the horizon on his way to Yokohama. Now we're all alone again. See you tomorrow. ~~Chris


  1. Rick and Maria LuciaJune 8, 2010 at 12:27 PM

    Great Photos! thank you. Its super to see your cheerful smiles especially as today marks your one week since you left.

    Looking at the weather chart it seems you just entered a cold front area. Maybe that will pass and you will get warmer weather later, at least for awhile.

    Today my project supervisor was commenting on the need for one added staff member soon. Then I reminded her that I was taking off in three weeks for about three weeks. She started hitting her head on the desk as she had forgotten that detail I had shared with her long ago. Can't say that I felt any sympathy, come 30 June we are off to SFO to catch a boat!

    Cheers, Rick

  2. Well, look ar this : Chris is still on the boat! Who would have thought so?
    Isn't it a bit early to dress up like that? Maybe it is really only the cold front coming through. Don't rip the sails,

  3. Rick and Maria LuciaJune 9, 2010 at 1:30 PM

    Good Morning Cirrus,

    Is there any advice on quality of life things to make sure to bring along for the return trip? You probably have said a dozen times "Gee, I sure could use such and such or wish I had brought this or that."

    Thanks, Rick