Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Engine Problems

by Ulli

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named apparently got a little bit of an upper hand on this tough crew. The engine refuses to start, so they can't charge the batteries, so they can't post neither stories nor position reports.

How do I know? Chris had called Agnes on the Sat-phone, and she send me an email.

Nothing to worry, as they surely have enough wind to sail into Richmond. Their expectation for arrival is still Friday morning. We'll keep you updated for as long as the Sat-phone batteries last ;-)

Update from Bill via Kim:
Cirrus' current position: 37 16 North, 131 20 West. Course 090, hand steering. Speed 5.0 knots. 20 foot seas. Golden Gate 424 miles. ETA still Friday morning.

Update by Ulli:
When you click now on the weather chart on the bottom-right of this blog you get the chart I am showing here with Cirrus' current position shown as a square and a rhumb line to the Golden Gate bridge. You see the isobars being closely spaced, which means it sure is windy.
You will recognize the same info on the Cirrugator Demo site.


  1. Oh, they were able to post, and even a few seconds faster than me,

  2. 20 foot seas! I see Valerie giving high-fives for not being on the boat, right Valerie?

  3. I must admit that as much as I love to read about the adventures I am a total chicken just like Valerie. Just sailing about the bay area was enough adventure for me. *should I point out that I have read all the blogs over the years and heard not only all the good and funny stories but I have also heard the horror stories and things that have gone awry.
    I will miss the pictures and getting to hear all the details but I am ever so grateful my feet are planted firmly on solid ground.
    Will continue to watch the progress though and hope for great winds and an arrival that is uneventful.