Thursday, June 3, 2010

Reply to Ulli's comment

Hi Ulli. Thanks for your kind words. Cirrugator is AWESOME! Yes, we have the latest GRIB, and yes, we can see all the bad news in our future, including a lot of motoring. Good thing Cirrus has wing tanks (see photo). ~~Chris

PS: While is attaching the wing tank photo, I discovered a bunch of cool pictures. So here are a couple more.


  1. You are calling it wing tanks when the cockpit is stuffed with Diesel jars?
    I'll delete the other pictures, they make me jealous.

  2. Looking sharp, Kathy in you're new foulies! Red looks good on you. :-) 1 more moth until the start... Pat

  3. Squid Ink - from the Giant Squids of the Pacific! That's my 'informed guess' Jill

  4. Friday, 1111 HST
    Good Morning Crew of Cirrus,

    Maria Lucia and I send our warmest regards. We hope all continues well and we look forward to your next newsy entry of the blog.

    Last night was the regular bulkhead races at KYC. We had great participation, lots of boats and people on the water. The wind was light which is terrible for Tangaroa on which I crew so we were vying for last place, on the home stretch, in the dark, when that contest was decided the moment we ran aground.

    It was a soft grounding and we were off in a few minutes but of course we had to turn on the engine and so that took us out if the race. (Now that I think of it, that means the other boat ended last and not us!)

    There was much interest among the crew of Tangaroa about the adventues of Cirrus and its brave crew. So I filled them in on it, all were envious.

    Aloha, Rick and Maria Lucia