Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 7 - Scampi

Today seems almost uneventful. I guess we are really getting into the routine. Last night, we sailed wing-on-wing all night under a poled-out jib in light winds. The ride was relatively smooth and reasonably fast. Today, we remembered to turn the navigation lights off at dawn, unlike yesterday. Imagine our surprise when, yesterday at dusk, we went to turn on the lights and found them all already on. No wonder the batteries were low. Dinner tonight was boiled ziti with a garlic shrimp sauce. Last night was New England clam chowder, fortified with canned chicken and canned peas. This was our no-effort dinner after three nights of oven-baked gourmet delights: meat loaf with mashed potatoes, roast turkey with mashed potatoes, and roast bbq beef with mashed potatoes. Each of these dinners was cooked by either Kate of Kathy, with Bill's supervision. I have to hand it to Kate and Kathy for sticking it out in the tiny galley in spite of the incredible heat (Cirrus has zero ventilation), and less than stable working conditions. OSHA would have a fit. I'm gonna cut this short tonight because I got sunscreen in my right eye today and it hurts like heck. That will also explain why I was not on the radio tonight; my apologies to Lou and Steve for not checking in. Hopefully tomorrow. In the meantime, thanks again for your comments. Good night all. ~~Chris
At 6/8/2010 5:00 AM (utc) our position was 32°25.66'N 149°51.04'W

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  1. Rick and Maria LuciaJune 7, 2010 at 11:22 PM

    Ahoy Cirrus,

    We truly enjoyed the great happy picture of the bath in the cockpit. Wonderful. It sure shows how much fun it is out there.

    We would still love to see a picture of Chris who is shining by his absence from the blog except in written form. (We did so enjoy his detailed description of his radio commmunication issues and the antennae-envy complex ailing him).

    With the others its the reverse. How are Kate and Kathy and Bill seeing things out there? How are you spending the hours and minutes of an "uneventful day" as in the latest blog?

    Kaneohe bay was beautiful today, we had a lot of sun and blue skies; its a great comforting sight when after a truly uneventful day at work you emerge from the highway tunnels and see that all before you. When we got home, Maria Lucia and I went out for a brisk one hour power walk around Lanikai and came back full of energy. Of course the first thing we did once back in the house was to check your blog and see how our dear friends are doing.

    Its great to hear from you and to share these moments at least over the distance. Everyday I plot your latest position on Google Earth and your are making a great arch of yellow pins progressively making way towards the west coast. As of today we had you around 720 NM out of Oahu (in a straight line, 800 for your actual track) and about 1500 left to San Francisco.

    You are constantly in our thoughts,
    Rick and Maria Lucia

  2. Chris, you cannot possibly have been at the position on June 8, 0500UTC, when the post time stamp is 2200PDT on June 7!
    You make it easier for us by posting boat time,

  3. Hi, Ulli. Why is it not possible to report position at 05:00 UTC in a post sent at 10:00 pm PTD? That's exactly 7 hours, and that's the difference between PDT and UTC, isn't it? Are you concerned that the activity is simultaneous? Because I think that, since the position report is automated with the emails, it's exactly what will happen. What am I missint?

  4. Please accept the validity of the previous post in spite of the abominable typing.

  5. Indeed, Agnes, you are right; my mistake.
    - just to emphasize the difficulty with 3 time zones in one blog ;-)