Friday, June 18, 2010

How to contact us:

by Ulli

During the excitement of the last few days several people tried to contact us and were leaving e.g. their email addresses in plain sight as comments - which I think is a bad idea, as spam robots will find it and get you even more spam than you already get. But there weren't really other options. Here now a partial solution, which we'll improve over time:

First, notice the new "Contact us" tab in the tab bar (right under the heading). Click and find more info on how to send a message.

Second, if you must / want leave your email address on the blog, I recommend,
- NOT to do it like this:
- but rather in hacker-style like this: mymail (at) somewhere (dot) xyz

Humans can still read it, but most spam robots have a problem.

[Update: Wow, that support crew is faster than even Cirrus! Despite a discussion crossing 12 time zones, we already got a final solution, suitable for the race, only 4 hours later]

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