Friday, June 4, 2010

Day Four - Still a Lake, but with Some Wind

Hi Gang: Well, we turned the motor off today, after motoring for 37 hours. We also emptied five of our eight fuel cans into the starboard tank. The swell is tiny but the ride is very lumpy due to the light winds. We are sailing at about five knots, sometimes more, sometimes less. The pictures are from yesterday. The third one shows how truly flat and calm the ocean was, and the other two show the efforts required to remove the giant squid ink blotches from the deck. Apparently these blotches are made of some other-worldly material; It took a strong cleaner and plenty of scrubbing to get them off. So now, as Bill says, half the deck is clean. The mal-de-mer status seems definitive: no symptoms for two days. In fact, just the opposite. Kathy and Kate have become positively bright-eyed and enthusiastic. 1740 miles to go. 12 more days. See you later. ~~Chris

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  1. Wow! That is a lake! Any fish hanging out under the boat? That's when we always caught them... Jill