Saturday, June 5, 2010

Surprise Change of Start Date

Cirrus's start has been moved to Tuesday, July 6. While officially still a draft, the PCup organizers expect this to be pretty much final. Not sure if that means that Cirrus' rating has changed, I will follow up on this.
Division: B Tuesday, July 6
Cirrus    Bill Myers B 40 feet Standfast 40
Tiki J    Scott Dickinson B 42 feet J/42
Coyote    Connie & St B 42.6 feet Beneteau First 42
Bequia    Dennis B. Ronk B 40.6 feet Beneteau 411
Relentless   Greg Paxton/Arn B 32 feet Sydney32
Sweet Okole   Dean Treadway B 36 feet Custom Farr 36
Scaramouche V   Peter M. Heiber B 49 feet PalmerJohnson
Tiki Blue   Gary Troxel B 41.8 feet Beneteau 423


  1. Rick and Maria LuciaJune 5, 2010 at 10:14 AM

    Good Saturday Morning Cirrus!

    Its a gray and rainy morning (0700) in Kaneohe with the wind at 6 kts from the East, temp is 75.

    Cirrus, we have not seen your Lat/Long position at the end of your last two comments; we were getting them earlier. We do continue to get the position from the Yotreps site.

    We know Lou Ickler has been trying to reach you over the radio as agreed but no success. (albeit our info is around 24 hours old so maybe there has been progress since then).

    My very kind boss mentioned yesterday that things were kind of slow and if anyone wanted to take time off that it was not a problem. NOW HE TELLS ME!!

    Life on shore continues normally, we went out for Friday evening drinks by the Aloha tower and then saw a great film from Argentina, it actually won the Oscar this year for best foreign film. With no maintenance to do on Cirrus this weekend will be kind of quiet; it sure was nice getting up early and spending the day tinkering on the boat. Something you guys are now doing continously.

    We enjoy your pictures yet we have not seen Chris in them yet. Someone grab the camera from him for a second!

    Cheers, Rick and Maria Lucia

  2. Hi Ulli and Cirrus team,
    Being the "slowest boat" or the boat to beat in a division isn't all bad! Great motivator with your program and favorable weather.
    Kim and Lou

  3. Kim and Lou,
    that is a cool spin of a thing you can't change anyway;-))
    Though it feels really good to cross the finish line before the others!