Monday, July 12, 2010

190 nm Daily Run sets new record for Cirrus

Pleasant news this morning: Cirrus made her best daily run ever with 190 nm (nautical miles)!
We're happy; but Chief Commander wants more.

Yes, M'me Chief Commander, understood. No more sleeping until at the dock.

Gosh, I already fulfilled the order. Barely slept this night due to commotion on deck; it still is a wild ride. Had planned to have chute up this morning, but postponed at the moment. Gusts reach 25 kn, seas still heavy.

Aloha, Ulli

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  1. Wow! Wow, wow, wow! You guys rock! Chris and I will be waiting for you when you arrive. Make sure you let us know if you have any special requests. I know that KYC has a fantastic welcoming committee and they will take good care of you, but if there's anything special, we're there for you!

  2. Well done. The King is pleased.

  3. 190 Nm! Fantastic! Great to hear! Wonderful descriptions on the blog, too. . . Wish everyone a continued safe race!

  4. The best possible kind of break - Cirrus's best daily run is absolutely amazing. Bravo and Brava! Keep on hanging on and heading our way. We are ready for you!

  5. Great job guys, wow. I would appreciate an update on Kathy, I hope she is doing better.

  6. Congratulations! Well done!
    I can feel the adrenaline in the crew.
    I keep following your brilliant performance.
    Good sailing and good winds. And especially for Rick, keep your wonderfull sailor spirit.

    João Cruzeiro (Windy2)

  7. Hello Cirrus!
    with the great decriptions of the sea, the boat, the sunset and everything else, we can picture you! Without getting seasick :-) how is that going by the way?

    If you have time why don't you film/record one of the beautiful sunrises?

    Keep up the fast speed!!

    Andi u Katja

  8. Hello Cirrus,
    I found a nice Hawaiian song that's also about sailing and mentions the famous Hawaiian fish humuhumunukunukuapua'a:

    Songwriter: Bill Cogswell et al.

    "There's a place in Hawaii
    That is very dear to me
    I am homesick as can be
    Won't you listen to my plea?

    I want to go back to my little grass shack in Kealakekua Hawaii
    I want to be with all the kanes and wahines that I knew long ago

    I can hear old guitars a-playing
    On the beach at Ho'onaunau
    I can hear the Hawaiians saying
    'Komo mai no kaua ika hale welakahao'

    It won't be long 'til my ship will be sailing back to Kona
    A grand old place that's always fair to see
    I'm just a little Hawaiian and a homesick island boy
    I want to go back to my fish and poi

    I want to go back to my little grass shack in Kealakekua Hawaii
    Where the humuhumunukunukuapua'a goes swimming by
    Where the humuhumunukunukuapua'a goes swimming by"


  9. Awesome report on your amazing daily run! Such big gusts too. Sounds like you all are having some excitement. I hope everyone is keeping dry and getting a bit of rest though that sounds difficult at best.
    I hope the Chief Commander isn't pushing too hard... LOL