Monday, July 19, 2010

Cirrus in Dismay - Crew deteriorating

Clear the channel! Send the ambulance! Gosh, the race has taken too long.


  1. Oh, no - for a moment there I thought the ship had fallen into the hands of pirates (or pirate piggies as my little girls would say - we watched too much Dora the Explorer...).
    Well I hope the crew will make it over the finish line in one piece.
    Sonja & Co

  2. Forget the ambulance, send the riot squad! Or maybe "Dentists without Borders". No raw veggies for you! What can one say besides, "No Comment!"?

    So, does anyone know why pirates wear eye-patches? See Myth Busters for the answer. ~~Chris

  3. Glad that you all are getting to the finish before things get any worse. Watch out for coral on the way in from the finish.

  4. For some reason, your 100-mile check-in did not get posted on the PC website, but Kim confirmed that it had been received. See you in a few hours! ~~Chris

  5. Who needs the KING when the welcoming commitee plans to treat you like royality. Pity the poor KING who was so well cared for by Cirrus and her skipper and now must live with strangers. Enjoy these last hours aboard. I can honestly say you will miss this adventure once your back on land. It's been so fun reading about your crossing. Tina

  6. Re./ the 100 mile check: Because Michael was in the bar drinking Mai Tai's?
    It's up now.