Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pictures from yesterday.

Randy took 100 pictures yesterday. Here are a few.
The first one is a classic photo-op: From left to right: Mark, Rick, Kathy, Bill, with Ulli in the back, and Caroline in the front.
Second is an overhead shot of Cirrus blasting under the Golden Gate Bridge.
Third, Kathy's buddy, Paul Kamen, paid us a visit at the dock as he departed for a seven-day sail to Stockton in his El Toro. What a guy!
These are high-resolution images. Click on a picture to see a larger view.
If you want to see all of Randy's pictures. go here:


  1. Wow! The Cirrus crew looks great in the Golden Gate photo posted! Go get 'um!
    Is Paul your escort boat? (just kidding)

  2. Hoffe, Cirrus hat mehr Glück als Deutschland...gerade gegen Spanien 0:1 verloren,

  3. Olá Rick,
    Penso que a primeira mensagem não saiu.
    O grupo é giro. Parabéns pela coragem. Força e boa viagem. Um abraço. Céu

  4. Dad and crew,
    Oh my! Seeing a list of people does not make it as real as the pictures. You all look amazing but I keep shaking my head at the thought of that many people for so many days. Hope there is an abundance of good food, amazing conversations, and fair winds.

  5. WORLD CUP soccer: Spain won 1-0 against Germany, what a loss! The game for third place is this Saturday. Sorry you didn't receive the live-news via satellite phone, we tried, but received an error message by ~Melanie and Jun