Monday, July 12, 2010

Cirrus Ahead of Pegasus in the Fleet Ranks!

by Ulli:
Today's official position report, consistent with our Cirrugator results, sees Cirrus on fleet rank 28, and Pegasus on 42, i.e. 14 ranks behind us! Let's celebrate while it's hot, who knows how long this will last.

Pegasus is suffering from the same disease which had caught Cirrus: a Low blocking the exit from the San Francisco bay. Their performance was a 'dismal' 220 nm, while their expected performance is some 320 nm. However, they are catching up.

More surprisingly is the track they are taking: so far they are exactly on the track which Cirrus was going. Big deal, they are too lazy to navigate, and are just sniffing out our path. You can probably see it on the iridium tracking page, when selecting only Cirrus and Pegasus.

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  1. Now, be nice to Pegasus. I mean, kick his +++, but be nice too. After all, Philippe Kahn, the skipper of Pegasus (aka Pegasus MotionX) is the inventor behind Kathy's awesome iPad GPS application. I swear, the image of the virtual compass card seems to float in the iPad screen and the graphics are stunning. You have to see this thing to believe it. ~~Chris