Sunday, July 11, 2010

De Ju Vu (Spelling?)

Bill from 35-48, 133-52, sailing 240m at 9 knots or more, wind dead on the beam over 20 knots most of the time.

Fast hard sailing in the pitch black darkness of night that is both moonless and heavily overcast. The last 4 hours of driving in these conditions is a wonderful antidote for the annoyance I expressed in my last post over the battery problem. It feels like roaring down a ski slope in the black of night in a school bus with the lights off. Cleansing for the soul.

Funny how things that were high drama yesterday are now routine.

0310 Sunday, July 11th. Thinking about breakfast and reading the Sunday paper. I wonder if it is possible to subscribe to the New York Times Sunday only, and have it delivered once every three months. That is about how long it takes me to read one.

By the way, we have 1520 miles to go. So, we are roughly one quarter of the way.

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  1. Aloha from Kailua Cirrus crew!! I tried to see you from up in the air, but it was very cloudy and I did not get a window sit. Rick, I am back home after a nice flight. The cousins said hello to all and will follow Cirrus when they get back to Bogota in a week, but I hope you will be already here. As you may all know Spain won the soccer championship 1-0. Keep up the good mood and spirit!!!

  2. Aloha Caroline and Crew,

    We're praying for you every day and look forward to seeing you here on Oahu soon and very soon. Your fans, Tisha, Jim, Royce and Joshua

  3. The King has requested a move to the bar at KYC so he has a better if not necessarily more sober view of the harbor and your arrival. We are working on accommodating his request. The antennas are in place so soon the watch will be able to hear the roll call.
    Your conditions sound more Pacific Cup like now, and we hope to hear the kite has soon been hoisted. Your speeds are certainly better and we also hope you are having fun!
    Kim and Lou

  4. I love the idea of roaring down a ski slope in the black of night in a school bus with the lights off. It sounds really exciting!

    Speaking of soccer, P.J. O'Rourke had a piece in yesterday's paper on how to improve soccer. His suggestions include making the goal much larger, allowing the use of hands, allowing full body contact, and giving the ball an elongated shape to make it easier to hold onto. He suggests that these modest changes would probably eliminate the dreaded nil-nil ties. His personal best solution is that he carries a bottle of vitamin water when he goes to see his kids' soccer games but there's more than vitamin water in the bottle.

    You guys are doing great. Keep on sailing fast. Lost of vitamin water waiting for you in Kaneohe! ~~Chris

  5. I mean "Lots of vitamin water ..."