Saturday, July 17, 2010

Yawn, 'nother one

that is it for the day.

still driving in a washing machine,
ETA estimate: Tuesday, 20th, 3am Hawaiian time (at least we get that thing with the night arrival right :> )

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  1. Congratulations Caroline on your catch. You certainly have mastered the care and feeding of a crew. I love reading the discriptions of sailing at night under the stars. Enjoy it all while you can, the islands loom on the horizon. Cirrus is a lucky boat to have you all aboard. With envy, Tina Crabtree

  2. Tuesday at 0300??? It seems that Cirrus wants to keep the VERY early morning arrival tradition, doesn't she? Oh well, it does not matter, you will still have a warm welcome, you deserve it!!
    I agree with Tina about the great crew Cirrus has. See you soon.
    Maria Lucia

  3. Hello!
    This time sending you all the best whishes for the last few days of your race! This internet connection is really slow so i hope it reaches you!
    Can you take a piture of of the illuminated water-that sounds really cool!

    Finally fishing has begun on Cirrus!

    -Katja u Andi

  4. In the homestretch folks. One more spin cycle in the washing machine, and then a nice long air dry in Hawaii. I look forward to hearing (by phone alas) all about your adventures. Enjoy your final hours.


  5. And by final hours, I meant for this journey, not in the more universal sense.