Thursday, July 15, 2010

talkstory with Caroline

Aloha everyone! Caroline Here. Now that I have some time on my hand, I thought you all would like to know what my day is like. First, let me tell you that the Crew of Cirrus are awesome!!
I've made it my most important task to "FEED the CREW". Thanks to the great provisioning of Kathy and myself, we have some substantial goodies on board. Breakfast is on your own, but when Lunch and Dinner come around, I step in and prepare the most delightful meals that a King and Queen would court on. Deserts are no excepts...esp. when all have come from Costco or (my favorite place) Trader Joes. Pupus are a must on this Hawaiian boat....yesterday we had our half way party and I toss out some shrimp, crackers and cheese, wasabi nuts, and edamane crackers and crunchy seaweed! I'm thinking culinary school might be in order for me at KCC.
I've put out the fishing lines every morning now since yesterday and Yes, 2 of them. Double the pleasure or double the trouble....either way "GOT FISH?"
As you may know, 6 people with no shower can be a--- well, smelly venture (yikes!!!). But we brought plenty of "Big Baby Wipes" and we all have taken a bottled shower at least twice in the last 10 days out here. I've taken at least 5...don't tell anyone...however, they can tell when my hair comes out wet and smells like herbal essence..ha ha ha....At night while everyone is asleep, I take out the disinfectant spray and do a spray dance to kill any menehuenes on know the stowaway stinkies that move and lurk throughout the air (scary stuff!). When I'm not feeding, cleaning, on watch, driving, throwing out the fish lines...I'm sleeping.....The most important thing the cook needs is her beauty sleep..if not, who knows what this crew would do if no food was prepared.....Kathy is my most perfect servant...she will come on watch earlier so that I can prepare the meals for the day...and let me tell you...she is eating very well.....she even might have gain some weight,although she lost her cookies the first couple of days..but she is recovery well..Lots of Carbs and dark chocolate pretzels are a good remedy. Ok got to go and sleep, cuz dinner is coming and I making shepherd pie tonight. Well let you know when fish cometh.

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  1. Caroline, you are awesome. I think everyone probably realizes how much work it is to cook hearty meals in a tiny galley and keep everybody well fed. Not to mention wrestling with the food boxes while the boat is leaping through the waves at a 30 degree heel. And then get suited up and go on watch too. You deserve a faithful servant, and youve obviously got one of the best. You go girl! ~~Chris

    PS: I'm really happy to hear that Kathy has recovered and is now up to her old tricks.