Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Half Way Party Tonight

Hey guys party time!

We are coming up on our half way longitude. Next is half way distance (the traditional half way point) and then the half way latitude. We must also be pretty close to the half way elapsed time point. Then there is the half way attitude point where people start asking, "Are we there yet."

One small miracle (given the strong personalities and sense of entitlement of this crew) is the fact that the "hot bunk" system works so well. For those of you for whom this might be a new idea, let me explain: We have six people and four beds. Only four beds are required since two people are always on watch. But that means that no bed is ever empty and the occupant changes every eight hours. Each person has a personal sleeping bag that they roll up when they get up. For most of us this is a pretty spartan process. Caroline is the exception. When she occupies a bunk it is converted into a combination "bag lady" cacoon and gypsy encampment. Sorry, No foto today, maybe later. First she lines the bunk with inflated pads, under and up the wall, then there is a hanging drape so others can not see in. (Hard to guess what might be going on in there.) In addition there are a dozen objects hanging from the handhold bar in the ceiling: a fan, sun glasses, a woven Mexican style bag full of hand cream and other similar stuff, an iPod, etc, usw. Who knows where all this stuff goes when she is on watch. Probably spread in a thin layer all over the boat so it sort of blends in.


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  1. Great image! Word painting at its best. Don't let them intimidate you, Caroline!

  2. The world of navigation lost a giant - Mau Piailug died on Sunday and was buried yesterday. I sense his spirit will carry you well and safely.

  3. Congratulation for the half-way-party and no more water on deck.
    Oh, Melanie wrote a nice song from Bill Cogswell and tomorrow I will be in Hawaii and swimm with the humuhumunukunukuapua'a.

  4. Wind!Wind!Wind! Nicht zuviel,aber richtig geschwind wünschen wir der Crew für die 2.Hälfte der Fahrt.Rettet den König sagen Karl und Trudi

  5. GO Cirrus!!!
    congratulations on the half-way-party!!! Hope you can safe the king!
    What's for dinner on such a special night? What about some bubbly stuff :-)

    -Katja u Andi

  6. What a great explanation. I love hot bunking; you meet such nice people. Regarding the halfway party, congratulations. I think I left my "STAR" sunglasses in Ulli's bunk. Let's see some pictures. I hope Kathy is feeling better; I want to see her in "STAR" sunglasses. ~~Chris

  7. Congratulations Cirrus!!! As per your description, there is more than a half way to celebrate. Enjoy your parties and don't get drunk with... juice/water??? Anyway, I will have a cool beer or a glass of wine to celebrate with you at the distance.
    Rick, what a great experience you are having and I am very happy for you that you are with such a great group. Love, Maria Lucia

  8. Go team! Oh and Caroline... sounds a lot like Uganda :-) how do you do that? Grace, Peace, & Aloha, Christine