Friday, July 9, 2010

Skipper has a Friend

by Bill:

The ship's cat, who has never missed crossing, seems to have developed a new friendship. I wish I could say that she seemed to be happy about it. But no, resigned seems to be a more accurate description. Still looking sort of kittenish she has none the less seen a lot. (And there have been moments when she has averted her eyes.)

At the moment Cirrus is really rolling. 7.5 knots boatspeed and kind of bumpy. Wind is around 15 knots and the seas (pretty quiet until now) are starting to build. We slipped back in our fleet standings recently, probably because Cirrus always performs better than expected in light air and is only average when it gets really windy.

Having a dingy sailor on board is a new experience. Earlier, when it was not so windy, he was suggesting ouching (a technical term for running around on the boat to rock it and thus cause it to move even when there is no wind. Then pumping the main (It would have taken two people in coordination.) and other esoteric ideas were suggested.

It is currently 1800 on Friday, July 9th, 2010. We are at 36-57, 126-56, course 245m and speed 7.

by Ulli:
it is still cold. And given our northerly route, this is not surprising. I have been up the mast a few times, removing the icicles from the spreader for better performance. Given the good speed, mood is up. All is well on Cirrus.


  1. Even if I did not care about this awesome sloop and her mighty crew (and I do) I would read this blog. Wonderful writing and a wonderful read. Thank you.
    Skipper looks positively annoyed - is she worried that Bianca, her stowaway buddy from '07 will see this post?
    Keep on keeping on --- your friends, fans and family are all prepared to serve as Loyal Royal sycophants.

  2. Wow, icicles, got any pictures of it? ~Jun and Melanie