Sunday, July 18, 2010

No Two Alike

From Bill

1820, Sunday, July 18th, 2010

24-56, 155-14, speed 6, course 205m with 250 nm to go,

Looks like we will be there early Tuesday. Really early if the wind holds up, later if we slow down (probable).

No race is like any other. What a slow start we had. Then a long hard reach on starboard followed by a week of reaching on port tack.

Hardly any spinnaker. Skipper's getting old (er). I can remember when it was a point of pride to blow out $10,000 worth of sails on just about every race. Seems like yesterday.

Crew is shifting gears. Thinking about being home, seeing loved ones, not having to be on edge every moment and available. Single minded dedication to the group is starting to fade into individual concerns.

The last couple days have been really rough. Not big dangerous stormy waves but medium sized waves that seem to come from many different directions. Jumps, lurches, drops, slides............. If you are not holding on most of the time (even when sitting) you will probably get hurt. Bruises are accumulating. How Caroline cooks in these conditions is a marvel. Fresh fish tacos again for lunch today. Lasagna for dinner, dessert, appetizers, etc.

She is so good at it that she is going to miss it once we hit the dock. A special skill.

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  1. You guys are doing a great job. We can see you are making good time in spite of really tough conditions. But I can totally sympathize with your desire to see loved ones again and walk on a horizontal surface. And to sleep in your own bed. For more than a few hours. Everybody here is really looking forward to seeing you too, regardless of what hellishly early hour you decide to pop in. In fact, the earlier the better, but of course you already knew that. We have been touring Honolulu to kill time while we wait for you. We went to the Hawaii Yacht Club for dinner last night. I had the baked ziti with sausage; it was great, but I'll bet it wasn't as good as Caroline's lasagna. During the last few days of the delivery, I remember that we lived on lasagna, the food of the gods for tired sailors. Bill and Kathy kept cooking it and we all kept eating it. So enjoy it while you can. Once you are ashore it will never taste the same. See you at the dock!! We'll have the pickles and ice cream waiting. ~~Chris

  2. You will all be welcomed with open arms. Anxious to see you Bill. Saw Rositha and Maria Lucia at the club today - you all better get here soon - the girls are having a good time!
    Thank you Caroline for taking such good care of this crew - you are as solid as ever.