Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Caroline Heinrich

Aloha Cirrus and Family and Friends who supported us during our voyage across the great blue Pacific Ocean.....whew!

This is my 3rd passage on Cirrus with Bill and each one of them has been awesome and unique in their own way.  This crew of ours was fabulous.  I've sailed with Ulli in the 2004 PacCup and he is so straight forward.  However, when he starts to cut up his business pants to look like a rag tag pirate shorts...watch out, cuz he gets pretty hilarious then....awesome watch partner and thanks for getting us home Navigator Boy!!

Rick was our green horn/Rookie.  He did an awesome job communicating to the world...really...the world...I never felt so much celebrity status then knowing people from Columbia, Portugal, Spain, Germany, etc where watching our every move. Thanks Rick for staying on the helm 30 minutes more during my dinner cooking... I'm sure it was worth it!!  Love Ya!

Mark was our "hands on", fix it..kinda of guy.  Nothing was too hard and he fix it fast...no questions ask.  He was also the winch on board...I'm the cleaning boy.....After I cook, he was there cleaning up the dishing and then some.  Very cheerful, full of energy.. total energizer bunny.  Thanks Mark for clean the head too.  esp with the shi shi everywhere!!

Kathy holds a special place in my time on Cirrus.  She was a trooper.  She not only did the race, but delivered the boat with Bill and Kate and Chris to San Fran.  I would never do that.  Princess that I am...too hard.......and they had a tough trip over.  I heard about her sickness....ugh...I wanted to make ever effort to be in San Fran early to help her out with the food prep.  She did an awesome job.  None of the food that I cooked or served would have been there if it was not for her provisioning sheet.  Very detail and I added more junk food than necessary, but Hey, I don't live on the mainland...so a few extra Trader Joes...well, didn't kill anyone!!! ha ha ha .  Thanks Kathy for your willingness to come out early on your watch to let me off and sleep  and for taking care of my Hot Potatoe bunk each night.  It really did help to sleep where I slept....all because of your thoughtfulness....yeah and you wanted the food too!!!!!!  Hope to see you and the Berkeley gang soon. 

Last but not least....Bill.....I truely enjoy sailing with Bill.  There is no other person in this world who is the smartest, caring, thoughtfull person I know.  And, he is willing to put up with my "Bag Lady" status. 

You're the best Bill. 
Aloha to all and Guten Tag
Shalom, Adios, Aufwiedersehen

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