Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Who Would've EverThought

Day two and still in sight of Pt. Reyes. (Well. Not really. It is 10-12 miles away but lost in fog.) I am writing this at 1515 and we are at: 37-53, 124-47. Morning found us drifting around with barely enough wind to keep the boat pointed in the right direction. So, I amused my self by running around putting bungee cords on all the sail control lines to take the slack when puffs of wind came and went. Made the boat quieter. By now things have picked up a lot and we are sort of actually headed toward Hawaii. Absolutely nothing to see today, up, down or around. Grey, grey and grey.

Ho! Just as I am writing this a sail has appeared behind us and is getting closer. Big excitement for the day,

I will keep you posted.

We have had to scrap the Spartan menu that Kathy and Caroline prepared for us so we could power through the first couple difficult days. Since the days aren't difficult everyone is sitting around thinking about their stomach. So, we have had to break out Mexican casserole, the shrimp and lobster pasta, the Pad Thai chicken, etc. Right now there is a spirited debate about what movie to watch tonight. Kathy favors some reruns of "West Wing" that she has brought along.

Bill, on Wednesday afternoon, July 7th, 2010.

by Ulli: as if it weren't bad enough, our fans provided us the soccer results that Germany had lost to Spain. Sigh, it just fits into the grey around us. And no rum on board for a little compensation.

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  1. We had a fine lunch with your sendoff crowd, including Lou's high school friend and his wife who came to see your start, before we took the cousins down the crooked street and on to their hotel. Strange evening Tuesday - all alone! We thought of you as we flew over this morning but of course the fog blocked any chance of a view of any racing vessels. On our way into the pool for a swim now that we are thawed out. Doing a wind dance. Ulli who do we cheer for now in World Cup? Go for the King! cheering you on,
    Kim and Lou

  2. I refuse to be faint of heart. King K. is waiting and we all have faith. Take care of those stomachs...we don't want a Kate redux.
    Aloha kakou - Valerie

  3. Man, you guys are making me hungry. Mexican casserole on a cool grey evening?; shrimp and lobster pasta?; what could be better? A little wind would be nice you say? Well, I agree, and I will be doing the wind dance here shortly.

    I don't know much about soccer, but in the Tour de France, Fabian Cancellara is back in yellow. Contador and Armstrong had a rough day yesterday on the cobbles of northern France; Contador is now in 9th at 1:40 back, and Armstrong is in 18th at 2:30 back. Looks like a real battle is shaping up. Just like the Pacific Cup. Go Cirrus! And fair winds. ~Chris Doutre

  4. Clara Monica, Juliana and Maria LuciaJuly 7, 2010 at 8:14 PM

    Cirrus Crew, here we are Clara Monica, Juliana and Maria Lucia in Starbucks reading your blog and enjoying your messages. We are recording Cirrus' position in google earth. We are happy you are doing fine and wish good winds and a fast way to Hawaii!

  5. Hello Cirrus:
    Jesus y Teresa reading your blog from Southeast of Spain (Murcia). As you know well, we are now very busy not only with the World Cup but also spending holidays (pescaito, beer, tapas,...., too hard for details).
    Que los dioses Neptuno y Eolo os sean propicios.

    With all good wishes, specially to Rick, yours sincerely.
    Jesús y Teresa

  6. Hello brave and excellent members of the CIRRUS. I am following your experiences quite carefully and think this is like a movie. Keep enjoying this wonderful adventure!!!
    My best to all,
    Alicia Alarcon (Ricki's cousin)