Monday, July 19, 2010

A Few Witty Phrases Captured During our Trip

All gatherings of small groups for an extended period of time give place to witty or funny phrases that stand out from among all the conversation. Here are a few selections from the latest voyage of the sailing sloop Cirrus:

- While discussing tactics early on in the race:

"We need not focus on going fast on this race, we just have to avoid being slow."

- In describing bouts of sea sickness and moments of peak vulnerability, a crew member made a comment her husband hopes does not hold true once back home:

"I only throw up when I'm taking off my clothing."

- The hot bunk system depends on fairness and solicitude on behalf of the crew; no one should linger in the bunk while others, tired and just off watch need to have their rest. One male crew member, still groggy from sleep, did not measure his words carefully when he offered his bunk to a female crewmember:

"Want to get in?" he said motioning at his bunk where he laid. The female crewmember promptly set things straight by responding "Are you getting out?"

- There was a great and fruitful day of fishing where three Mahi Mahi were brought on board. The fish would land and flap around presenting a bit of a danger to the crew and a greater chance of ending back in the water. An old trick is to pour some alcohol in their gills which kills the fish almost immediately. This being a strictly dry boat at all times during this voyage, the only alcohol on board was a bit of ceremonial Hawaiian drink used by the skipper when he departs and arrives at ports. This small vial was called for and used on all three fish. A member of the crew, strongly missing libations over these two weeks of sailing had this observation:

"It's ironic that on this boat only the fish are having Schnapps."

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  1. As Kathy's spouse, I still wish you would change the name from hot bunking to rotational resting.

    Congratulations to all the crew (and Kathy especially of course) for your latest adventure. I really, really wish I could there. I look forward to hearing about the parties (and the journey).


  2. I am here laughing alone with all your comments. You all had a wonderful trip with hard work, good and relaxing moments. Cirrus crew, you are the best. See you in few hours. Maria Lucia