Saturday, July 17, 2010

What Could Be More Obvious?

From Bill

What could be more obvious? Right in front of our faces.

We have been speculating and wondering and discussing, all in the wrong directions, trying to figure out why we are having these crazy weather patterns,

Well. Duh!

The only thing it could be is the planetary alignment that everyone is talking about. After all, think about it, is it possible for Venus, Mars and Saturn to line up between the sun and the moon without it having some profound effect.

With that problem behind us let's move on to a discussion of communications.

At the start of the trip we were using a satellite telephone with world wide coverage. (Maybe even the whole solar system.)Then when it was clear that we were going to stick to the Pacific Ocean we switched to the SSB radio and used it to make our daily check in reports and to send email by Sailmail. Now that we are getting closer to the land we are going to switch to to the VHF radio that is only good for line of sight communications (or a little more). Then, of course, we'll fire up the cell phones. As we approach the dock there will be a lot of waving and shouting. Finally, there will be body contact and then ............


After downing wonderful snacks of raw fish and then wonderful fresh fish tacos from this morning's Mahi Mahi catch up went the cry: "Hit On The Line!"

Another Mahi-Mahi at least twice as big as the first. It has been filleted and is in the cooler. The Skipper has set an arbitrary limit of 3 fish per day. (And already there are discussions: "Did he really mean 3 Mahi-Mahi or was that a 3 fish total?")

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  1. The Villalobos curse comes to and end!
    We look forward to seeing you Tuesday morning. We'd go for earlier too!
    Kim and Lou