Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Cirrus Academy of Literature, Science, and Personal Hygiene

Yes, this was a great trip. I will get into that.

But first, we had a huge brain-trust on Cirrus. An intellectual surplus way beyond what is reasonably needed to get a boat from California to Hawaii.  Stimulating conversation? Sure, if you can keep up!

Need to know why your colloidal particles are agglomerating?  Worried about Flocculating?  Other issues in the field of Bio-chemistry? Go wake up Ulli.

You have a poem in 18th century Portuguese and want it translated into Spanish, but it has to RHYME WHILE TRANSLATED IN REAL TIME. Then go get Ric out of the head, if that is even remotely possible.

Caroline doesn’t have as many advanced degrees, but may be the smartest of all…especially if you are one of those people who needs to EAT FOOD, or GO FAST ON A SAILBOAT.Without her, we would have been a boat full of skinny, starving people, slowly drifting towards Hawaii while discussing Victor Hugo and String Theory.

Of all Pac Cup sailors, Kathy must be the best-read, and most loving of the written word. Her literary knowledge is a resource for all. But I have to confess, I liked to secretly watch her wince each time I used a split infinitive.

And of course Bill: the ultimate scientist-mariner, whose passion for the two disciplines (among others) has merged into a mastery of the ocean going vessel, and voyaging itself. Here is an example from on-board: I wanted to make the boat go faster, so I offered one of my favored solutions…to go in the cabin, and run forward as fast as possible, flinging my body against the main bulkhead to move the boat forward the way a hammer forces a nail. He buried his head in some calculations and soon corrected me. No, this would actually REDUCE forward momentum because the aft-ward force of running to the front would MORE THAN OFFSET the impact of striking the main bulkhead at full speed. He suggested staying on deck, moving all the way to the bow, and running aft at maximum velocity. “What do I do when I reach the transom?” “Just keep going”, said Bill.

So yes, it was a brainy crowd, very stimulating and fun to be with. Bill, many thanks for inviting me into the extended Cirrus family, with so many new friendships and memories. I hope I did my part. The 2010 Pacific Cup is atop my short list of epic passages on the water, and in life, to be recounted and cherished forever.

Yes, I will prepare for next trip by delving a little deeper into the New York Times best seller list, if one of you guys will just watch a few episodes of The Simpsons to even the score.

Mark Denzer

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  1. Mark,

    If you want to read a political book that will curl your hair: "The Tyranny of Good Intentions" by Paul Craig Roberts. I intended to read it on the delivery, but I forgot my Kindle at home. Now I have finished it and, well, you should draw your own conclusions. ~Chris