Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Harsh Measures Have to be Taken

From Bill

Beyond half way. 34-06, 144-21, at 0030, Wednesday, July 14, 2010. 1040 miles to go.

A day ago we had an accidental jibe with the jib polled out to stbd. That was the occasion when the boom brake actually melted the line and we had a tough time getting it unstuck and functioning again. A conservation overheard later in the day revealed that "I could see that coming. The driver was having a harder and harder time keeping things under control." AND AND AND no one said a word to the skipper until after the accident happened. Unacceptable. So we have instituted a system that we hope will prevent this problem in the future.


  1. Remember the old adage "When everything else fails, try doing what the captain suggested."
    Tell Bill is better than "Kill Bill".
    Keep it up Cirrus!

  2. It's not as though Bill yells, or is unapproachable, or doesn't know what he's doing. The "I didn't want to disturb his rest" always backfires. Glad it wasn't a bigger problem than it was and a melted boom brake line is another item to add to Bill's show and tell collection.
    Keep flying - love those breaking records.

  3. Bill, just keelhaul 'em.
    BTW, on the delivery, I recall seeing the cat-o-nine tails under the seat in the nav-station. . .

  4. Dear Ulli,
    we hope that you can quickly solve all kinds of difficulties you meet on your trip.
    Always keep optimistic and enjoy your way right up to king kamehameha, who is waiting for you !
    Beate und Jürgen

  5. *in strictest confidence*
    Dearest Bill,
    Good god man! Wherever did you dredge up this ragtag group of ne'er-do-wells? Shame shame I say. Were there no prisoners eligible for parole? No debtors on the brink? To think my honour rests in the scurrilous hands of these pestilent hounds. I shudder, dear Bill, I shudder. Whilst I ordinarily resist meddling in the affairs of those beneath me, you have been so kind and accommodating to me over the last year, I cannot help but offer a hand.
    Stiff punishment is clearly in order. Followed of course by banishment. And punish them all – spare no one! Unus nocens pomum spolium totus, eh?! There is, however, a delicate balance to be struck - mutinous and muttering as they are, we need them to deliver us home - and in record time no less. Let’s see. How about drawing and quartering? Well, you would need horses I suppose. And deck space. Hmm, keel hauling? *Yawn* So passé. Perhaps we could chop out a tongue or two? A finger, nose? Hmmm. Too much mess in the gunwales. And let’s face it, communication would be the issue of the moment, no? Ah, yes! How about a strict course of rationing to boost morale?! of course! Now, what to ration? Well, what matters most to that group of water-logged curs? Sleep and food, if they are at all like the common peasant. You must cast off all but two bunks. Tell them it's to lighten the load and boost speed. In fact, tell them it was the tweaker fellows idea! Now, one of the remaining bunks is The Captain's - and literally keep the crew out of it, man. This hot bunking rubbish is for the commoners, no? You know what they say, "somnus per bestia suscitatio per pulex!" Cut back on their food, too. In fact, why not use the one bunk and food stores to your advantage...The crewmember that sails the boat the fastest and the farthest gets to sleep and eat – brilliant, no?! Fabas indulcet fames - ha ha! Now, whence they deliver you across the line and we are basking in glory, we can address banishment...
    And who is this itinerant Klaubattermeister fellow? Have ye some invisible dinghy towed behind which allows him to visit as whimsy fits? Cut the painter and set him loose! Or give him a compass and send him to some other vessel...
    There you have it, dear Bill. Drive them hard, stable them in sweat. Tell them if they work like horses, they will get their reward in heaven – then throw them some hay! Ha!
    Godspeed, man.
    P.S. Join me for crumpets come Neptunalia?

  6. Hey Caroline,
    We miss you over here!!! We're praying for smooth and safe sailing. So what are you cooking over there? Making any Teechino? :-)
    Love you,
    Keren & Ohana

  7. The unfortunate fact was that Bligh was all bluff and bluster in his youth, doleing out corporal punishment less often than his famous mentor, Captain Cook, and perhaps his subordinate officers saw this as weakness. Then, after the humiliation of the Cirrus, Bligh's authority would be forever suspect, leading to a number of confrontations, which would leave him increasingly bitter and even vindictive. The question remains, was this in his nature, or was this attitude imposed upon him after years of scorn and abuse?

  8. Thanks for all the great posts keeping us landlubbers informed of your progress. Thinking of you folks often. I hope you have a fun and sunny last week.

  9. The comments section is fast becoming AS interesting as the blog itself. I particularly chuckled over the anonymous one from "in strictest confidence"
    (I almost peed myself while reading that one)

    I do find myself wondering though as I check the position reports and tracking reports (which I do daily).
    Is there a valid reason you all are so entirely NORTH? Planning some Ice fishing? LOL
    Just kidding.

  10. Ah, but the strawberries! That's, that's where I had them. They laughed at me and made jokes...

  11. Klabautermann has the strawberries: you can forget about them.