Monday, July 12, 2010

Klabautermann acting up

by Ulli:

Mark the Tweaker has always an idea for improvements. The latest was to go wing-on-wing, that means the mainsail goes out one side of the boat, and the jib the other side. This works only by keeping the jib steady with a pole, like our spinnaker pole. Worked beautifully! Rarely ever were we below 8 kn. But you have to drive pretty much deep down wind, which increases the chances for an accidental jibe. And sure enough, it happened. Not a big deal thanks to Bill's boom breaker. But Klabautermann must have sneaked on board, how else could we explain it: This naughty boy made the line in the breaker heat up so much by the (intended) friction within the breaker rolls, that the line partially melted and glued itself to these rolls.

You should have seen me. In my furor I jumped across the dodger, grabbed Klabautermann at his ears - of cause they are invisible, but as any Harry Potter fan can tell you, invisible does not mean ungrabbable - and threw him over the stern of the boat into the sea. What a monster splash!

Now, whaddayouknow, the naughty boy kicked back! He threw a bathtub of water over the stern into the cockpit, and I, then standing at the helm, stood up to my ankles in water! And some water splashed down into the galley and extinguished the pilot light in the oven. Well, I understand that he is jealous about our food, but we could have easily shared; we have plenty. But splashing along in the water he just garbled something like "... going to Pega..." but I could not understand the rest.

Skipper Bill masterfully fixed the breaker, but this stuff is annoying. Can't we have some royal words to keep the naughty boy in check?

Klabautermann must have been on other boats too. Recidivist reported a broken headstay, which is the steel cable which ties the top of the mast to the bow of the boat. A pretty important piece on the boat. They continue sailing without it; wonder how this works out. Bequia reported a steering failure. They return home. As they are in our division and had been ahead of us, we moved ahead one rank for free :-). Tiki Blue had previously retired from the race because of electrical problems. They also were in our division; another freebee :-)).

This is all true, as true as me following orders and are not going to bed to sleep!

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  1. Klauterbuchermann (sp?) is best tossed overboard. good work.
    You are really making way now - keep it up. Little messages for each of you:
    Ulli - your package arrived. Shall we set up and antenna with it? (kidding - sail! man, sail!)
    Rick - how goes it - you must be just in your glory. Maria Lucia misses you very much.
    Mark - There's something I forgot to tell you before you left. I'm sure you've figured it out but if not yet. forgive me. Betsy says Hi and business is good or at least keeping her busy. Mom is coming for your arrival.
    Kathy - Mom and Dad called today. I was on the golf course but called them back and assured them all was well. Dad's a mathematician, figuring your distance traveled for the first few days and wondering if something was wrong.. I 'splained the wrongness of zero wind
    Caroline - Keep on keeping on girl - we know you and what you do!
    Bill - You have great crew and they have a great skipper - Go for it and congratulations on the last 2 days' runs. We knew you had it in you.
    Kite soon?
    Kim and Lou

  2. Rick, As youknow John and I are not sailors. Reading your letters ae very interesting. Its like reading a good book Thank you and your crew for the nice letters. God be with you and be a winnerand our prayers for you is to keep the King. Aloha, John and Gloria We are enjoying Maria Lucas company.

  3. Hello Cirrus crew, I love reading all your experiences and comments. And I am very glad you all having a good time.
    I noticed you are not reporting your daily position when you write anymore.
    Ulli I received a message from Rositha, she will call me when she arrives this week. I am looking forward to meeting her.
    Rick, I am very very happy you are enjoying for first Pacific Cup, your dream is coming true!
    Keep that speed and the good winds to be here soon, Maria Lucia

  4. Ulli, as a student of Klabautermann, I must warn you that being tossed overboard is part of Klabautermann's spawning cycle. So soon there will be thousands of eggs, then thousands of hungry little Klabautermanns in the Pacific. On to Hawaii, Cirrus, before these beasties mature!