Thursday, July 15, 2010

On the Edge

From Bill

Kim Ickler inquires about how does the boat smell. This prompts the crew to point out that she will soon know (from personal observation) when we cross the finish line. Or, depending on the direction of the wind, substantially before that.

The wind and sea remains painfully just a bit out of the skipper's spinnaker range. And he has become more cautious because of:

1. Old age (well maybe OLDER age)
2. Desire to end the trip without major breakage
3. Great crew but half have never really spinnakered on Cirrus
4. The experience of a few days ago in similar conditions

The wind is pretty steady 15-17 gusts to 20. The sea is not bad with 0ne and a half meter rolling swells and occasional sets of bigger waves that twist and turn the boat about for half a minute or so every 10-12 minutes. The smooth parts would be great the bumpy parts would almost surely require more people on deck for recovery. We are right on the edge. During the lulls we all ache to have the spinnaker up. During the rough spots we avert our eyes and discuss restaurants in Paris or skiing in Switzerland.

Still even with the "wing on wing" white sails that we currently carry we average 7-8 knots and set daily records for distance traveled so fun is clearly being had.

The Skipper's primary responsibility.

1500, Thursday, July 15, 2010
31-53, 148-50 with course 210 and speed 7.5

Too bad Ulli's video failed. One rule in this business is that "It will not work if you haven't tried it at the dock."
Well ahead of time.

by Ulli:
we decided that the next flying fish landing in the boat will be kept in the boat. Just to improve on the average smell.

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