Saturday, July 17, 2010

got fish?

we do!

Even before dawn Caroline put out the fishing lines, two of them. At 10:30am PDT the sounding voice of a hunter, signaling success in the efforts to feed her cubs, boomed through the boat. Otto was doing the driving, Caroline had her eyes on firmly on the prey, which was still fighting in the water. Some 20 min later we had Sashimi on the plates! Delicious. And now, sitting at the computer on the nav station, which is next to the galley, I smell pan fried fish for lunch.

Now let's the race begin, Aloha, Ulli

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful fish, congratulations Carolina!!! Rick, definitively the Villalobos curse is over :) I am glad for that. Ulli, I am meeting Rositha for dinner tonight at Buzz's. Cirrus crew, it is great to know you are arriving soon. Your slip at the KYC is ready for Cirrus. Kim and Lou took Ghost to Makani Kai. So we all are waiting for you. Keep the good mood and high spirit. You all have formed a wonderful crew!!!
    Maria Lucia