Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Halfway Party

Sending a video; not sure that it works. more separately, ulli

[update] We finally have it on the blog - see here: Finally - we have the Halfway-Video up and running! [/update]


  1. Well, I am sorry to say that there is no video :( Or maybe I could not locate it??? I assume for the title of this blog that the video is about the halfway party, isn't it? You all are doing a great job and the best of all, you are having fun. I hope tonight there will not be another fish visit or if there is, keep it (the fish) for lunch or dinner :)
    I am counting the days to greet you at the dock at the KYC!! Maria Lucia

  2. Rick: You will probably be happy to hear that today's Tour de France race was won by a Portuguese rider, Sergio Paulinho, of Team Radio Shack (Lance Armstrong's team). Unfortunately, Lance has dropped to 31st place overall and is completely out of the running podium-wise, so Team Radio Shack have effectively promoted Levi Leipheimer (USA) to the position of team leader because he is in 6th place and is the best placed Radio Shack rider. However, the general prognosis is that the best he can possibly achieve is 3rd overall because 1st and 2nd are sewn up by Andy Schleck of Luxemburg and Alberto Contador of Spain. The only remaining question is, will Contador come first again, or will Schleck triumph? But Paulinho gained some valuable time for Radio Shack in the team competition. He came in a massive 13 minutes ahead of the peloton, but he only beat the second-place rider, Vasil Kirienka, by a few thousandths of a second, a few inches at the line. Sounds a lot like a Pacific Cup finish. Fair Winds, kick their sterns! ~~Chris

  3. Overdue comment - Rick you have broken the Villalobos curse. You did not catch the fish, the fish caught you. Keep and eat the next one!
    I do not know the Jonssons' computer savvy but they are watching you also...
    To all of you - happy halfway. We know the first half was longer than expected so the second half we hope shall be shorter!
    Mark - keep on tweaking - you came up in conversation today - Jesse and I and a talk about how Condor didn't have an emergency rudder - why would you when you have 2 and how you never leave home without yours
    Ulli - Cirrugator seems to be working well - we'll loOk for Rosa soon - tell her to find us ;-)
    Let's see - Caroline - what gives no write? How about some talk story? No smack, girl!
    Kathy - How much more weight can you lose? We'll all take care of you when you get here. Pat, Jean and the girls have arrived and we all look forward to your arrival!
    Bill - are you having fun yet? I have not yet ordered the book (Physics for Future Presidents) but will soon - like when the tshirts are sorted, the nametags done, the awards ceremony scripted - I'd rather be sailing! We are moving the boat to Makani Kai Friday so our slip awaits!
    Fair Winds, no jibes, stay with the boat and keep on having fun, BTW, how do you all smell?
    Kim and Lou

  4. Mssr Myers,
    Je suis plus désolé, mais j'ai ordonné que votre vidéo soit retiree. Ah. M’escuse, no? En anglais, oui? Skeeper Beell. Ze Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure. Er. Zee French CIA, oui ? as brought to my attention, a, er, uuh, « video halfway, » ah ? Er, excuse me, I am veeery vexé, ah, upset – I must smoke. *puff puff* Alors, maintenant Mssr, ah Skeeper Beell. Wass ees zees video halfway? No no, zat question wass as you Americains say, rhetorical, oui? OK *puff puff* what ees zees weef you americains? Why do you inseest on rewriting histoire, eh? I sought eet was just Le Bush Doublevay, mais peraps eet ees all amercians, no? Do you forget what day ees quatorze de juillet? Eh? Reemember us, zee French? Le statue de liberté? Le revolution americain? Eh? Le Voltaire? Oui? Ah, m’excuse *puff puff* Alors, so I see ziss video halfway, and I say. Eh? Wear are zee escargots? Zee champagne? Zee confit de canard? I see only tired ongry amercains floating in la mer! Eh! Pfft, to you americains! Ow soon we forget, no? So, m'excuse *puff puff* I take down your video de halfway. Bon essayé, mon ami et af a nice day, oui? M’escuse, I go to smoke. *puff puff*
    /s/ N. Sarkozy

  5. OMG I just fell out of my chair I laughed so hard!
    Too funny!