Monday, July 19, 2010

Perhaps our most Beautiful Day

by Rick:

Its Monday afternoon and we are around 75 miles from Oahu. The boat is moving along softly at around 7 knots. The seas are very mild, perhaps two feet, while the wind is a little over 10 knots. The sun is out and the sky is an incredible blue with white clouds visible off in the distance but not above us. The color of the water is a pure indigo blue. It all adds up to perhaps the most wonderful day we have had in the whole trip; its a great way to end the voyage. Some of the crewmembers are sleeping in the mild heat of the cabin and away from the sun. The others are up on deck casually and quietly talking about a thousand different things. The ship's atmosphere is one of slowness and laziness.

Its funny how each day has a tone of its own, the other day when we were catching fish we were all bustling with energy and activity. Today we are very relaxed and placidly enjoying the beauty that is all around us.

Several have bathed out on deck taking advantage of the easy conditions and the warm sun; everyone one wants to be looking their best for our arrival.

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  1. Hi guys. Everyone is watching your progress very carefully. We recalculate your ETA every hour on the hour and it keeps coming out to be 0200 at the finish line and maybe 0230 to 0245 at the dock. We will be waiting for you. Fair winds. ~~Chris and the girls.

  2. Aloha Caroline,

    We are so glad you will soon be gracing our shores! Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and His mercies, they are new every morning! We will not be able to drive out to Kaneohe until after 1:30 pm to get you so if you can get a ride back with your crew members earlier then you should. If you need a ride and can wait until the afternoon then call me at 772-2012 and I'll be there with the boyz to get you.

    Welcome home!


  3. Congratulations to the Cirrus crew for this great trip. For many of us who followed you day by day it was the closest we will ever be to such an adventure. Thank you for sharing your good spirits and for letting us be a part of it, even at this distance. If you ever plan a trip to Portugal you will surely have a big group to welcome all of you. Many hugs. I will not put names, since I am afraid of forgetting someone, but you already know who we are - The Lisbon Gang.

  4. What a nice and relaxing last day! As Chris says we are all paying attention to the 100 or 25 miles reports, in order to go to the dock and welcome you! How wonderful will be to be back home, won't be? I am wondering who will be on watch when Oahu will be on sight?
    See you soon, Maria Lucia