Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Arrival time: 02:05 HST

At the 25 miles check-in I reported an ETA of 02:05 Hawaiian Standard Time. We still intend to use the Sampan Channel, and it currently seems likely that there is no delay due to perhaps too low water.

We were told the finish line buoy is missing, so we need to go to the virtual "Midpoint" as provided in the race instructions.

See you in, like, 4 hours,
Aloha, Ulli

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  1. ALOHA!!
    I won't be there to see your arrival at KYC but will likely drop by tomorrow evening. And for sure see you at the Mount Gay party. Congratulations to all the crew on a good race!

  2. You guys are AWESOME! Just as we arrived at KYC, I heard the escort vessel on the radio saying that they were heading out to meet you. Then a little while later I heard them talking to you. Welcome home! ~~Chris and the girls.

  3. PS: I thought about paging you, to say "BRAVO!" but decided that you're probably pretty busy trying to stay in the middle of the Sampan Channel. ~~Chris

  4. Aloha Cirrus, well done. I look forward to hearing about your adventure. Kathy, I left you a message.